Happy Tuesday!!

We started our morning with lots of fun experiences. Some toddlers enjoyed their time with the puppets on its stage, some children sat on the chair watched the show. Children demonstrated their creativity and cognitive skills through dramatic play. Well done Aqua Children!!

We continued building houses with the wooden blocks, some children enjoyed reading books and decorating Xmas tree. On the other side of the room children had lots of fun making play dough, it’s one of the activities children never get bored. Children had their turns on making it.

The children in Aqua room love group time. The children were invited to sing songs with Donna expanding their language skills. During the group time the fire alarm was activated so all had to go outside. All children were so calm and arrived at the emergency meeting point safe and sound. We were so proud of Aqua children. When Tima asked children what happens if there is a fire, Oliver replied ‘when there’s a fire all animals die’.

For the small group time we expanded our mathematical concepts with puzzles while the other group had expanded the gross motor skills and another was having fun washing the dolls.

We were also busy in the afternoon with a variety of select activities!

What a fun day at Aqua!


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