It’s Tuesday today and we’ve had a great day filled with fun activities and learning!

We love to start our day with group time with different educators, where we read stories, sing songs and play with toys! We’ve started to talk about Christmas and sing song Christmas jingles to get into the spirit!

Yoga was wonderful this morning! We had a special guest Alejandra to come and help us with our stretching, gross motor skills and balance! It was super fun and definitely got us warmed up to enjoy our day!

For Christmas craft today, the children were invited to create gorgeous gold bells and fabulous red stockings! Painting is a fun and sensory experience for the children to develop their fine motor skills and cognitive development through touch.

It was another warm day and we love to cool down with water play!! We’ve also been stacking blocks into really tall towers today, it was so much fun!!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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