Today has been another busy day in the Aqua space with lots of singing and dancing in preparation for the upcoming Christmas concert.  Children are learning how their bodies move, recognise beat and patterns when singing. They develop their coordination, confidence and follow directions.


Scissors Skills

Today we invited the children to practice their scissors skills, following on the line to cut various patterns, making a Christmas bauble. This is a great way for them to build strength and develop hand-eye coordination

Lego Blocks

Today many of the children engaged in building with lego blocks, they develop their fine motor skills connecting blocks and problem solving to work out where and how they want to connect them. They also use their imagination to create their creations. Freddy built a dino-duck and Euan a dino-tower, Harvey E made a wall.

There was also lots of building happening in the block corner, where children engaged with various tools to role model builders, Ada was very skilled on the drill as he changed the drill bits.


Children also had the opportunity to find their names and paint over the letters. They become confident and familiar with the letters that form their names.


Lily and Charlotte used their imagination as they made their own story with the puppets today. Lily began to sing her own song as she moved the puppet around jumping.


Play is the answer to how anything new comes about. – Jean Piaget

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