It’s Wednesday! Welcome to Emerald!

We’ve had another fantastic day playing with our friends and participating in all kinds of fun and educational activities!

This mornings group times were great! The children love to sing our welcome song and welcome all of their friends to their day! We always read lots of books and sing our favourite songs. Today we sang a few Christmas songs like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘When Santa got stuck up the chimney’!

We all had another super yoga session where the children were able to practice their gross motor skills, balance and coordination through big stretches and jumping. Bella and Isla H are doing a really job of downward facing dog!

We got crafty today with some fun painting activities with a twist! Today we put sand in our paint to give it a different texture! The children really enjoyed the paint with sand as they created beautiful snow angels and Santa’s red sleigh! Giving the paint a different texture with the sand allows the children to explore how it feels and enhance their cognitive development! Great job everyone 🙂

Today we also played with Noah’s Arc and all his animals! The children love to show the educators the animals and try to repeat their names… Perfect for speech and language development!

Thanks for a wonderful Wednesday!

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