It’s Thursday! Welcome back to Emerald 🙂

We’ve had a busy day today, with lots of arts, crafts and super helpful children!

Our morning started with a lovely group time where we read books about Christmas and sang some Christmas songs! Group time is a fantastic way to engage the children in reading and singing, which is a great way to encourage speech and language development.

During yoga this morning we introduced the children to a new greeting ‘Namaste’ where the children bring their hands together. Joey has obviously practiced yoga before, she knew exactly what to do!

With our morning exercise done and our bodies warmed up for the day, the children were feeling particularly helpful! Our water play today taught the children about good hygiene as we washed our toys! The children loved playing with the bubbles from the soap and splashing the toys around in the water. Thank you all for being such a big help today!

The children have enjoyed gluing and sticking cotton balls onto our stockings and painting more decorations for the tree. More fun sensory activities to get the children involved and using their senses. And it looks like Amelia, Caleb and Billy have started their own book club … can we all join?

Such a lovely day!

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