Happy Friday everyone!

It has been another busy day in the Aqua space. Children engaged in a variety of experiences, they followed their interests to participate. Max and  Euan were building rockets developing their fine motor skills connecting parts together and problem solving skills to work out.

Sorting/Number experience

Some children engaged in sorting and number experiences, this helps them to understand mathematical concepts.


Some children were invited to the drawing table developing their creativity and cognitive skills



Today many of the children engaged in building with lego blocks. They built cars, houses and were encouraged to talk about what they are doing.   Gross motor skills

Many children were outside developing their gross motor skills, jumping, running and climbing the tree. These exercises will let them to use the big muscles and they are also developing an idea about the play space to ensure the safety of wellbeing of themselves and others. Threading

Some children participated in threading the wooden beads developing their sensory abilities and problem solving skills. Oscar, Ben and Owen were so proud of their completed work. Well done.    Insects and bugs

Today we had an opportunity to observe the bug we caught yesterday at the Crimson yard, we discussed about its body parts, colours, number of the legs and names.

Again, today the Aqua children were busy singing and dancing for Christmas Concert.

What a fun, busy day at Aqua!!

Have a great weekend!!

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