It’s Friday! And what a fantastic Friday we have all had in Emerald! 🙂

We’ve got that Friday feeling, lots of dancing to Christmas music and singing along too! Group time today was lots of fun, we welcomed our friends and read stories to get the day started.

Yoga is always fun with the children. They can’t wait to get started as soon as group time ends. Today we practiced being tall like a tree and slithering on the floor like a snake. All this movement is great for developing gross motor skills, balance and coordination! Well done everyone 🙂

We have been building tall towers today with the duplo blocks and using our problem solving skills to figure out some exciting puzzles. Of course we have played with water today, this time with paintbrushes to make beautiful marks on the decking outside.

More Christmas decorations are in production today with some sparkly stars that the children painted and decorated with colourful pipe-cleaners! This is a fun and sensory activity that the children love to get involved with … perfect for fine motor skills and cognitive development.

Thank you for a lovely week!

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