Welcome back to another week in Aqua, can you believe we are on the count down to the Christmas break.

Today was a busy day at Aqua, the children continue to practice their Christmas concert and are really doing amazing work using their cognitive skills to remember each song and the actions. They truly are our stars.

After practice the children had some group times making lots of Christmas crafts. They use their creativity to mark make on lots their Christmas wreaths and Christmas tree.

So much fun at free play time. The sandpit was a big hit especially with Sam. The children made castles using the sand tools manipulating them as they went along. Today Archie made a lovely building with the stick blocks, while Arda made a big big tower with Maria.

In the home corner Holly, Lily and Charlotte made cake for each other. They used their language skills telling each other what they like on they cake’s.

The children are really independent at Aqua and wash their hands before and after meals.

Oliver and Oscar sat very nicely together at the table and read some books, it was lovely hearing them singing Six White Bloomers, they could be heard all around Aqua. We really are getting in the Christmas spirit.  

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