Hello! Happy Monday and welcome to December … welcome to Summer and the countdown to Christmas!

We’ve had a very busy Monday, with arts and crafts, singing, dancing and a whole lot of playing!

This morning we started off with group time, where we welcome the children to the room and to the day ahead of us! We sing our favourite nursery rhymes and read our favourite books. “Cranky Bear” is still on top as the favourite as the year draws to a close…

Yoga this morning was lots of fun. The children love to help set the mats up before we start our session. We like to kick things off with big jumping movements before we start stretching and meditation. This is fantastic for physical development, gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Well done for joining in today.

After yoga we went on a little adventure to the Crimson room where we did a little practice for our Christmas concert next week. Everyone was brilliant and the parents are in for a real treat!

For our arts and crafts today we painted some beautiful red Christmas bows and Christmas bells! The children love to get stuck into these sensory painting experiences where they are able to develop fine motors skills and enhance cognitive development through their senses!

The children have also enjoyed the sandpit, watering the plants, playing with the train tracks and the farm animals and socialising with Marshmallow the guinea pig!

What a lovely day 🙂


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