Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today a variety of activities were set for children to choose freely, they followed their interests to engage and participate the activities. This helps children to make decisions, extend their skills and learn to share with other peers.

This morning children were busy playing the instruments and danced to the bunkers beat music. They used keyboard, guitar, tambourines and shakes to make the music extending their cognitive and creativity skills. Through this they are learning about the rhythm, beats and melody.

Sandpit is always busy with children cooking and building, today Oliver was baking Christmas cookies and Zachary was busy baking cakes for Tima.

Inside the Aqua space children were busy building and fixing with the tools. Finn O made a chimney and said ‘Santa got stuck in the chimney’. Archie was busy fixing the car with the drill, all children really enjoyed using the tools to build/fix the things around the space.

We continued to invite children for Christmas craft, children made baubles and decorated using different medium. It helps developing childrens creativity as well as their sensory skills.

At the group time, Oliver presented his special certificate ‘swimmer of the month’ he was so proud of talk about this and some children asked questions to Oliver.

Aqua children were practicing Christmas concert in Crimson area, they are singing all the words and doing all the actions we were so proud of Aqua children.

What a fun day at Aqua!!



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