It’s Tuesday! And we’ve got a lot done 🙂

Our morning was jam-packed and lots of fun! We started with group time, where we sang some funny songs and the children requested ‘Green sheep’! We did some dancing and practiced more for our Christmas concert. It was so much fun!

Yoga today was very energetic and the children all had a lot of fun jumping and stretching. A great way to introduce the children to exercise and movement that can enhance physical development and coordination. The children love to copy their teachers and other children too.

Today we got working on some festive Christmas Candy Canes! We used our fine motor skills to glue and stick the red material to the paper and they look fantastic! Well done everyone.

Today we have also played with the laptops, played in the home corner, drew some pictures and had some water play to cool off.

Thank you for a terrific Tuesday 🙂


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