Aqua Daily Diary Wednesday 4th December 2019

Christmas Concert

It’s been a busy morning in the Aqua space with children practicing for the Christmas concert. Today we practiced in the Crimson space so children become familiar with the area. They are picking up new songs fast and confident with familiar ones too.

Pohutukawa Tree

We are singing ‘Pohutukawa Tree’ for our Christmas concert, which is known as New Zealand’s Christmas tree. To help children relate to this we invited them to create a Pohutukawa tree. We looked at pictures of the bright red flowers and used forks in glitter red and red paint to create these, adding them throughout the branches. This also provided an opportunity to discuss how trees grow and why the tui bird was drinking the nectar from the flowers, as children had many questions.


Some of the children had the opportunity to play T-ball. They develop hand-eye coordination while having fun. Imri was very gentle with the ball and would gently touch the ball making sure he got it and making it fall. Harvey preferred to take a swing at the ball a few times and was very excited when he hit the ball.

Spontaneous experiences

This morning James asked for his favourite lady bird book and CD. We put this on for him and he began a group time, singing the gathering chant and showing the book. Much to his delight Adeline and Holly joined in to listen to his group time. When that was finished Holly took care of the babies while Adeline went to work.

Owen rolled and shaped the dough and was very excited to show his crocodile to his educators. Maddison used the mobile phone to take photos of all her friends in the playground, through the bars of the sandpit.

In the sandpit we had Claudie, Lily, Adeline and Holly all cooking dinner, there was Zucchi, Pasta, lasagne and cake all for dinner, Imri joined in too making cake, as well.

Harvey organised a train and was driving the train to work, when there was a dilemma some one was being silly on the train. He quickly stopped the train, got off and told everyone to ‘stop being silly on the train.’

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning – Fred Rogers


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