It’s Wednesday! And what a wonderful Wednesday it’s been!

We started our day with group time where we read stories, sang songs and talked about the day ahead of us! We’ve been introducing the children to Christmas songs in preparation for Christmas and our concert coming up. Today the children expressed great interest in a different bear book … ‘Bear’s big bottom’! The children love to listen to stories and are able to sit, completely engaged for longer group times. Perfect for speech and language development as well as concentration and focus.

Namaste! We had a lot of fun practicing yoga today. The children know the yoga routine now and love to get involved. Yoga encourages physical development and gross motor skills through big movements and stretches. Well done everyone 🙂

We’ve done a lot of Christmas craft today … we painted cute little reindeers for Santa’s sleigh, created a beautiful Christmas tree by gluing and sticking decorations to it and we painted some more jingle bells! These art activities are a lovely way to introduce the children to Christmas and help to develop their knowledge and understanding, as well as enhance fine motor skills!!

See you tomorrow!

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