Aqua Daily Diary

Thursday 5th December 2019


We have continued with our Christmas concert, and we can see children are getting more familiar with both lyrics and moves. Their enthusiasm is great. I hope it goes well during our concert.

About “Pohutukawa tree”, which is New Zealand’s Christmas tree, besides singing, children are learning more about it through discussions, pictures and drawing. It is an exquisite way to polish our fine motor and language skills. We are also working on stockings. Some children are very excited to fill them with presents.

What’s more, we began our morning with Oscar T., Harvey, Lachlan B., and Frederick painting our zoo animals and then putting them to dry off in the sun. While the zoo animals were in the sun, they went inside to fix the cupboard with our toy tool set. Other children, such as Arda, Adeline, Ben, and Lilly preferred to build houses. There was a considerable amount of work done in the construction corner.

When it comes to the sandpit, we had Euan, Max R., and Teos making a dinosaur mountain. As for Sanjanaa and Dhwani, they were running from the dinosaurs.

Furthermore, Laura, Oscar T., Archibald, Shona and Claudie sharpening their cognitive skills with matching the shapes activity. Archibald showed enthusiasm when forming the fire engine. Lachlan B. was just supporting his friend Oscar. Well done!

Finally, Lilly, Adeline. Sanjanaa, Holly, Edward, Harvey O., and Dhwani decided to do some dancing and movement to the sound of “Let it go”, which is quite popular, we wonder why… haha

This is how another Thursday went on. Children having fun and learning. That’s all folks.

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