On this beautiful day, we started our day by doing various experiences. We love building with big wooden blocks and mobilo. Just before morning tea, we listened to stories and practiced our reflexes with relaxing Yoga.

After morning tea, we participated in experiment to expand on our science knowledge. The aim of this experiment was to make crystal! We were so excited when we heard the word “crystal!” Justin also discussed the type of crystals with us and showed us some samples of crystals such as salt and sugar!  At the table we twisted the pipe cleaner into coil, mixed †he crystal solution and dipped our coil into the final solution! It was so much fun! We completed a complex multistep procedure that took over 3 hours with it needing to go into the fridge in order for the mixture to crystalize! We are excited to see our finished creation next week!

We had a lot of fun in the sandpit today! We were busy making mudpies, building castles and engaging in social play with our peers. We also made Christmas trees out of pellets from the trees that we collected in the yard.


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