Welcome back to Emerald room! We’ve had a lovely day 🙂

This morning in our group times we sang our ‘Good Morning’ song and welcomed our friends! We read our favourite books and sang lots of Christmas songs in preparation for our concert next week! Group time is a lovely time of the day where the children are able to socially engage with their friends and educators, listen to stories and develop their speech and language through song.

Everyone was so exited to get started with our yoga session this morning! They help set up the mats and tried their best at taking their shoes and socks off. The children were all fully engaged in the session and really enjoyed the big gross motor movements that will help with physical development and balance. Namaste guys!

For our craft today we got in the Christmas spirit by decorating more Christmas trees and gingerbread men! This was so much fun, the children enjoyed feeling the glue with their fingers and sticking tissue paper onto their trees and gingerbread men. We also painted presents to go under the tree! All of these activities are wonderful for developing the children’s fine motor skills!

Today we have also read some big story books and built tall towers with the duplo bricks … just to knock them back down again!

Thanks for a thrilling Thursday! 🙂



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