Aqua Daily Diary

Friday 6th December 2019


Happy Friday everyone!

Aqua children were busy this morning playing with the Santa’s hat. We discussed about what we are doing for the Christmas and what we want from Santa Claus.


After we practiced the Christmas concert in the Crimson space children were invited to different activities. Some children participated in making Christmas tree, Max talked about his Christmas tree while he was making his. Some children enjoyed making Christmas stocking with their name at the top. Many children recognise their first letter of the name!

Many children participated in making Pohutukawa tree, which is known as New Zealand’s Christmas tree. As we are singing Pohutukawa Tree song for our Christmas concert, we invited children to see what it looks like. We discussed about how trees grow and what’s needed. Through these activities children develop their sensory skills as well as creativity and cognitive skills.


Some children listened to the stories, children likes to ask many questions and was encouraged to talk after finish reading books. It will help children to widen their vocabulary and also learn to listen and respect others when other person is talking.


Have a great weekend!



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