Aqua Daily Diary

Tuesday 10th December 2019

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It’s been another busy day at Aqua, the children were invited to many different experiences and they have had lots of fun.

Inside the Aqua space many children enjoyed playing fixing and building with the tools and wooden blocks. The drill has been the most popular tool among children, they demonstrated turn taking and sharing. Through this experience children developed their problem solving skills to work out the appropriate ways to build/fix the wooden blocks.

Some children were invited to decorate the Santa who got stuck in the chimney, they used cotton balls, white paints and green glitters to complete the Santa. Once it’s dried up we will put it up on the wall so Mums and Dads can see the Santa. While we were painting children sang ‘When Santa got stuck in the chimney’ song.

During indoor free play we witnessed some excellent imagination and creativity, the children had put puppets on their finger, sang songs, told stories and danced! Well done children.

As usual we went to the Crimson space to practice their Christmas Concert which will be on in the Crimson area tomorrow the 11th of December at 4.30pm. They have been practicing so hard for many weeks for the Mums and Dads, please come along and celebrate with the children.

After this, children were invited in to different groups, they continued making Xmas trees, painting and participated in the sensory box with lots of Xmas decors and colours.

What a fun day at Aqua!


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