Happy Tuesday! It’s a smoky one … we’ve played outside in the morning and then inside for the majority of the day!

The children love participating in group times with their educators. It’s always so much fun to see the children so engaged with reading books and singing songs! Group time is fabulous for the children’s social, emotional and cognitive development as well as encouraging speech and language!

The children enjoyed their quick yoga session this morning before retreating inside from the heat! They got warmed up and it’s a very fun activity to promote physical development!

Today we did some hand prints to create some little mittens for our Christmas craft! Everyone loves to feel the paint on their hands and see what their hand looks like when printed onto paper! It was so much fun!

Today we have done a lot of drawing, playing with play dough, dancing and group times! It’s been a lovely day … and we still keep singing and dancing to our songs from the concert because all the children had so much fun performing it, they want to do it every day!!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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