Happy Monday and welcome back to the beginning of another Christmassy week!

This morning the children participated in group times with the educators, where they read books and sang songs. Today we read some Christmas stories and sang a few Christmas songs to get us in the spirit and to broaden the children’s knowledge and understanding of Christmas!

Yoga is always a lot of fun! The children know the routine and are excited to get started. We stretched our bodies tall and used our gross motor skills to reach up and to bend down to touch our toes! Nishka showed us all her ‘namaste’ pose … how cute!

Today the children did finger painting with lots of bright colours to represent the Christmas lights that we decorate our trees and houses with! This was a fun, sensory experience that allowed the children to explore the paint with their hands. We also painted a lovely Christmas tree as a group and practiced our fine motor skills with some group drawing as well 🙂 great job everyone!

It’s been very warm and smokey recently, so the children helped us water our plants! We played with blocks, the sand and practiced our concert one more time before performing it in front of the parents!

Our Christmas concert was spectacular!! … if we do say so ourselves! The children did really well, joining in and dancing to the songs to show off to their parents. We hope that everyone enjoyed the concert as much as the children and the educators enjoyed performing our favourite songs for you!

Merry Christmas and thank you for a lovely day!


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