Happy Wednesday! And what a wonderful Wednesday we’ve had!

Today we continued with our Christmas themed group times, where we sang Christmas songs and read Christmas stories in preparation for Christmas! This is a fun way to encourage the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them, as well as enhance speech and language development!

Yoga today was very energetic and lots of fun! The children love jumping up and down and practicing their gross motor skills. Yoga is great for physical development, balance and coordination! Our yoga sessions have also encouraged language development and awareness of different body parts! Great job finding your toes and mine!

We’ve got Christmas craft coming out of our ears in Emerald! So today we played with the animals in the sand, built towers with wooden blocks, did a lot of dancing, watered the plants, fed the guinea pig and even practiced our fine motor skills with some beautiful drawings with coloured crayons! It’s been very busy!

Thanks for another lovely day! 🙂

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