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Monday 16th December 2019

It’s the start of a new week again, Happy Monday to everyone at Aqua. The children have been exploring as always both inside and outside. Archie had some time to himself while he read a book he had brought to share at school with his peers. He talked to the teachers about what he could see on the pictures. It was about Santa’s holiday to Australia. We read the story at group time and the children laughed when they saw Santa surfing.

Grace, Eliza and Finn O sat together and made a lovely picture using their creative skills. They also used their language skills and spoke to each other about their picture.

Lily and Charlotte had fun together on the mat, they built a tall tower using their fine motor skills and laughed as it feel to the ground.

Ivaan and Levi enjoyed exploring bugs and dinosaurs, they made sounds as they explored showing their ever increasing language skills. While James had lots of sport with the whale, he told Donna it was baby shark.

Lily, Maddison and Charlotte love to play pretend. They especially love to pretend they are the teachers. Each day Donna watches as they put the doll’s into the bed’s and pat them. They tell Donna they are Tima, Nelson and Donna putting the children to bed.

The children continue to have lots of Christmas activities. They coloured Santa’s suit today, showing great fine motor control. Outside Archie, Levi and Daniel participated in a gross motor activity with Maria. They used their skills to throw the ball to each other.

Lots of fun happening today at Aqua.

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