Aqua Daily Diary

Tuesday 17th December 2019

Happy Tuesday to everyone at Aqua!

As usual this morning the Aqua children were busy with a variety of experiences provided for them inside and outside. Oliver and Zachary started their morning with painting, using feather as a brush. They enjoyed exploring their ideas and creativity skills.

Teos and Finn O were demonstrating pretended play with dragons on their hands developing their imagination and cognitive skills.

Oscar W and Eva L were building a house with Lego, Julyanna was busy putting nappy on her baby and patting her.

Owen, Maksym, and Imri were on stepping stone and balance beam developing their gross motor skills, they cooperated so well they waited for their peers and took turns.

At group times, the Aqua children continued participating in a lot of Christmas experiences, making Santa’s hat, Christmas Trees, Play dough and making candy cane with beads. They extended sensory motor skills as well as creativity and imagination!

What a fun day at Aqua!


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