It’s Tuesday! Welcome back to Emerald … it’s only 8 Days until Christmas! The countdown has begun.

And to celebrate, the children listened to Michael Buble’s only Christmas album, on repeat … all day long!

This morning, we kicked off the day with very fun group times with Ekta and Cindy! It was so much fun welcoming our friends to the day, talking about Christmas, singing songs, reading books and playing with Cindy’s special toys!

Group time allows for social and emotional development, in addition to enhancing the children’s speech and language!

Special yoga guest … Miss Cindy! The children were so excited to have a yoga session lead by Cindy! They stretched their bodies to warm up for the day and work on their gross motor skills!

We have had a busy day with lots of running and jumping! We really exercised those gross motor skills today … the children should all be exhausted by the time they get home!

Today we have had so much fun participating in lots of different activities! We used our fine motor skills to make a group drawing on cardboard, we stacked towers with wooden blocks, we enhanced our cognitive development with sensory play like play dough and musical instruments … not to mention digging in the sand pit and splashing during water play!

We are always busy and always on the move!

Thank you for another Terrific Tuesday! 🙂


This Daily Diary was edited and approved by Henry Z.

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