Aqua Daily Diary 18th December 2019


This morning Lily and Adeline organised themselves ready for a tea party. They brought their babies along and Adeline got them ready while lily prepared the table.


Blocks saw Aaeesha, Charlotte and Imri building a big castle which later became a means of transport and Max O dressed for the part. Harvey E, too had transport in the form of a box, which was a taxi that he caught to the airport and was going to a base ball game.


There were lots of coloured eggs for sale in Aqua today, Oliver operated the till while Finn K checked the eggs and Zachary was making sure there was enough stock in the shop.


We have been counting down the days to Christmas with the children, and with only seven sleeps to go, the children are getting excited. We invited them to create Christmas trees ripping tissue paper and gluing to the inside of a triangle shape. Freddy shared ‘we already put the Christmas tree up at my house’. Zoe added that she too has her tree up and wanted to put some blue tissue on her art work, while Holly wanted the pink tissue.

This experience fosters fine motor (pincher grasp) as children use both hands to rip the tissue paper. They gain confidence with colours using a variety of coloured papers and use their creativity to arrange and choose colours for their tree.

Children we also invited to choose items from pamphlets and cut around the items they might like for Christmas, gluing this onto paper. Children gain confidence using the scissors and are encourage to hold the scissors with a correct grip.

Jeffrey and Imri also decorated the tree today and Jeffrey shared he has a green tree at home, not a white one.

Play is the beginning of knowledge – George Dorsey


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