Wednesday is here! One more week until Christmas!

We’ve had a very exciting day with lots of fun activities! In our group time we read our favourite books and sang Christmas songs! We sang our good morning song and welcomed everyone. We even read a lovely book about fruit and vegetables and learnt some new vocabulary!

Yoga is always fun, we stretched our bodies up high and down low and we did some quiet meditation … Namaste!

All of our yoga sessions this year will have been very beneficial for everyone’s physical development!

This year we also welcomed our friend Marshmallow – our lovely little guinea pig! She’s been a fantastic addition to Emerald room and the children have learnt to care for her and be gentle. Today we all had a cuddle with Marshmallow, gave her lots of water and a tasty lunch!

Today we have been practicing our fine motor skills with lots of beautiful drawings …

We’ve been getting sensory with some lovely pink play dough…

And everything else in between!! Thanks for another fun day 🙂 See you tomorrow!


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