Today at Aqua the children had a relaxing day. We spent the day playing, exploring both indoors and outdoors. The children are super excited as it is only 2 more sleeps till Santa arrives. They have been talking with the teachers to tell them what they had put on their list.

Inside today there was lots happening, Arda enjoyed building a tall house with Charlotte. They sat together talking about their house and what they were building. Imri enjoyed time in the kitchen area cooking up a storm for his friends. Lily, Maddison, Charlotte and Zoe played a game, they had to sleep in their bed as Santa was coming. Charlotte and Lily also had time been Mom and the baby.

Oscar, Ivana and Zoe got creative at the drawing and painting stations. They made a lovely picture for home. Zoe said her picture was for Santa.

Sand play is always a hit in Aqua, Makysum, and Finn K had fun scooping pouring and driving their cars in the sand today.

James loves story books and each day he arrives he picks a book and will hold his own group time. He is a clever little boy and loves the cd books.

What a super fun day at Aqua today.

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