It’s a hot one here in Emerald, so we’ve spent the majority of the day inside! We’ve been very busy with lots of fun indoor activities!

We’ve had group time, where we welcomed our friends to the day, talked about the warm weather, read books, sang songs and learnt Chinese with Cindy! This quality time spent with the children can encourage social and emotional development, in addition to speech and language!

We couldn’t get outside for our yoga session today, but we exercised our gross motor skills with a dance party!

We made sure to practice our fine motor skills too! We pushed cotton balls into little bottles to make cute little snowmen … we draw gorgeous drawings and we played with play dough too!

Evan and Molly got a bit tired in the afternoon, so they took themselves to bed …

Everyone has had a fun day exploring our learning environment indoors today!

But the best part of the day … was finding lots of empty boxes to sit in!

What a fun Thursday! 🙂

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