It’s Christmas next weeeeeek! And we’ve had a busy Friday 🙂

This morning we had the usual group times, so many happy faces singing Christmas songs and reading Christmas books! The children love participating in group times and are often engaged for long periods of time.

Today we had lots of fun practicing out Bonker’s Beat programme with Jasmine. The children all listened to the beat of the music and played along! Well done everyone

We’ve had a lot of fun outside today! We started with yoga, where the children were able to use their gross motor skills, balance and coordination to stretch up high, touch their toes and make some fun animal poses!

Poppy loves the meditation part of the session!

We had lots of fun activities happening today! We practiced our fine motor skills with some drawing, played with animals in the sand, built towers with the blocks and played with the balls!

JJ, Isaac and Charlie started book club …

We’d like to wish Charlie a Happy 2nd Birthday for tomorrow! Today we celebrated at afternoon tea with delicious homemade banana cupcakes with everyone at Emerald!

Charlie made a wish before blowing out his candles! 🙂


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