Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Welcome back to our lovely Aqua space.

We missed our children and they missed us! That warms our hearts with so much joy. Thank you, Aqua children for being so mindful.

Our Thursday began a little slow with children exploring the new toys and the old ones. One must say that the cubby house was, by far, the most missed one. Children turned it in to a rocket ship, a farmhouse, a car park, and even an ice cream shop. A quick stop in the home corner to visit Veronique, Dhwani, Laura and Lilly having a tea party and talking about what they like to eat at home. Following almost the same idea, Aaeesha and Max O. decided to make a cake using a coffee machine. That’s what I call creativity.

For our activity, we had some fireworks being drawn. Children shared their moments they had with their families during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Some children were scared, and some were marvelled with all the fireworks they saw and heard.

For our picture of the day we have Holly and Adeline patting dinosaurs, because they were crying too much. I’m not sure what kind of cry they meant. Haha!

That’s all for today.

Thank you all!!

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