Happy Friday! A short week for us in Emerald 🙂 Today we have lots of fun!

We started our day, of course, with group time – where the children welcomed their friends and educators to their day! We sang songs and even played with Cindy’s big box of toys!! We ready our favourite book “10 little fingers and 1o little toes” and everyone did such a good job showing off their toes!

Yoga! A great way to start the day, with lots of gross motor movements to enhance physical development! Today we threw in some relaxing meditation … namaste!

The children had a lot of fun recreating the New Year’s firework display over the Opera House! We used plastic forks to dip into the paint and spread across the paper to make the fireworks! They look fantastic and the children had fun practicing their fine motor skills and encouraging cognitive development through sensory play!

The fascination with bubbles continues …

Today we played with the bean bags! We colour matched them on our colourful mat and also balanced them on our heads!

A busy day with lots of playing in the sand, with the cars and exploring our indoor environment!

This Daily Diary was edited and approved by Isla H.

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