Transitioning time, everyone.

Welcome back to our lovely Aqua space.

Second week of January and we had the opportunity to host new children in the Aqua room and transition some to Crimson. Yes, our little ones are growing up fast.

The ones transitioning from Emerald were able to explore the Aqua room, get to know the new educators, new friends, toys and even participated in some activities.

The ones transitioning to the Crimson room got to know the new room rules, know some educators, their new lockers and explore the room to its fullest. The new Crimson children got enthusiastic about the new toys and they feel pretty confident in growing up, little adults per se.

A day full of discovery, excitement, and anticipation for all BBC rooms. All children felt very welcomed and comfortable with their new rooms. Well done, children!

For the picture of the day we had Zoe asking for her bunny that was left in Crimson.

That’s all for today, we will have more tomorrow. Thank you all!!

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