It’s Monday! Welcome to another fun week in Emerald! Today we had some new faces and some of our big boys and girls started their transition into Aqua!

Our group time today also has something new … a new book! The very sleepy bear! The children loved listening to this new story, looking at the pictures and giving the teddy bear a cuddle and saying goodnight!

Yoga was lots of fun this morning! We love jumping and stretching up high, practicing those gross motor movements, balance and coordination!

Meanwhile … the children transitioning to Aqua had a fabulous time exploring their new environment!

We missed our friends, but we still had a lovely time in Emerald! We made some beautiful art using a washing up brush and paint to create a fantastic firework display on the Opera House! This was a fun activity to practice fine motor skills and also introduce the children to sensory play!

We explored the farm animals in the tray of sand and made animal noises together!

What a lovely start to the week! See you tomorrow 🙂

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