The children today continue to transition to the Crimson room. They are super excited to be making this big step in their lives. The children enjoyed their time exploring the room. They played both inside and outside. Gail said they really enjoyed themselves and are really good at the Crimson room already.

In the Aqua room the smaller children from Nursery also are taking that big step transitioning from their room to the Aqua room. They explored all areas, but Kitchen area was a hit. They cooked dinner for each other and made coffee.

Aqua children had lots of fun outside today. Sand play was a big hit as always. Maddison, Lily and Holly worked well together in a team making sand cakes for their birthday party.

Arda was drawn towards the bugs today. He explored all off them inside the house. He played by himself which is age appropriate.

Oscar had fun showing his creative side and made some fireworks for New Year. He seemed to enjoy the activity as he laughed when he made the shape on the paper.

Ivaan, Daniel and Harvey O explored the farm and sea creatures animals. they were puzzles and had to match the shape to its right animal shape on the board.

Nelson and all his guys had fun with a crazy obstacle course. The children had to be body aware as they moved between the animals, without letting the animals touch them the children made it to the end. Lachlan B, your balancing skills are amazing and it won you a gold medal. You didn’t let any animal touch your body. Well Done!!

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