It’s Wednesday! We’re half way there!

Today was quite a smoky day, so we’ve stayed inside for the most part! We’ve participated in lots of fun indoor activities … starting with group time!

The children love Jasmine’s group time, we sing so many songs and look at her special toys!

We swapped our yoga session for a different kind of exercise to practice our gross motor skills … dancing!

This was so much fun, we danced along to our favourite songs, completing all the actions and enhancing our speech and language skills along the way.

We’ve been practicing our fine motor skills today as well! The children really enjoyed putting the cut up straws into plastic bottles to make shakers! Now we have more fabulous shakers for our musical instrument collection, so we can be extra loud during music time …

What’s the perfect activity for a day inside? Play dough! Today the children helped Sara make blue play dough! It was fun and sensory!

We’ve also been drawing pictures, playing with sensory blocks and just having fun exploring the indoor environment!

And did I mention how much fun the children transitioning to Aqua are having!?

See you tomorrow 🙂

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