Today in Aqua the children listen to a story about a spider with Silver, while other children played a circle game with Nelson. Both great for fostering listening and comprehension skills. They are also able to learn about respecting each other’s space, ideas and taking turns.

Isabelle this morning used her problem-solving skills to complete an eight-piece puzzle while Shona was interested in being creative while drawing pictures.

Some of the children have begun their transition period to Crimson, where they begin to familiarise themselves with a new environment, educators and peers. Dhwani, Finn and Maddison all enjoyed easel paint in their new space. Zachary and Oliver were interested in the diggers and shared this experience with their new peer Aidan.

Eva was making new friends as she engaged in sand play with Hazel and Keira, making birthday cakes. Eleanor too was busy in the sandpit making cupcakes and Veronique made the icing for the cakes.

Harvey, Dhwani, Eva and Eleanor also showed an interest in using the scissors at the drawing table. Euan and Teos were busy inside building with the lego and making a barrier to keep the tiger contained. Lachlan shared the sand and sea tray with his new peer Ella, taking turns listening to the ocean.

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