Today we had so much fun and exploring in Aqua. The children love to explore all areas and happily do by themselves or in the company of Teachers or peers.

Inside in the morning some children decided they wanted to make a house. Lily, Harvey O, Adeline, Ivaan and Charlotte worked as a team  together and used the cushions to make a house. They used their language skills as they chatted together to make the home.

Oscar T, Lachlan B, Fred and Archie also worked as a team together and built a school with the blocks. They also used nice language and worked very well together till they completed the task.

James, Ivaan and Shona made fireworks, they used their fine motor skills to grasp the sponge and make the mark on the paper.

The Emerald children are very brave and settling very well into Aqua. Today they explored well the animals and fire station were a hit today. It is nice getting to know new friends and teachers. What a big step for them.

Welcome to our new friend Levi, you explored lots today happily. You made fireworks and used your creative skills and fine motor skills. The Aqua group are excited to get to know you.

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