We were busy inside today. We had a lot of dancing, making up new moves to Wheels on the Bus which caused us to giggle a lot! We also did freeze dance with some scarves.

We continued to build new friendships with our peers transitioning from Aqua. We have loved playing games in the Block Corner and engaging in dramatic play throughout the room. We had some cause and effect toys as well that we took turns using.

We also liked making kites, fireworks, and other crafts throughout the day!

During our Excursion at Clontarf Beach, we had fun swimming and throwing the ball in the water. We also enjoyed digging moats and making castles. We found a crab craw in the sand! We played in the park after lunch and ate yummy ice cream from Kay. We loved the swings, boat, climbing equipment and measuring/scooping sand. Little Amanda said, “This is the best day of my life!”


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