Happy Friday, everyone!! Welcome back to another awesome day in the Aqua room.

As we all know, it is transitioning time and it is a special moment for our little ones. The ones coming from emerald are making the most of their time in Aqua. Exploring the new space, toys and even participating in the activities. The ones going to Crimson are feeling proud and absolutely keen on growing up, and moving to the big room with bigger children. What a moment for them!

Highlights of the day: We had Oscar, Finn O., Euan, and Frederick pretending to be batman. Harvey Olivier making some bacon to eat with Archibald. Arda showing how strong he is by pushing Ivaan in the wheelbarrow. Teos pretending to be a possum and then making some leaves to eat, because, according to him, possums eat leaves, because he saw one in the tree. Even though educator tried to tell him that possums eat fruits and other kinds of food he put his foot down, and said, “But they eat leaves too!” and Zoe teaching Holly how to use the laptop.

A great moment was provided by Zoe. She brought her new book “Oi frog!” and read it to her friends. Zoe was able to remember some sentences from most of the pages in the book. What a great memory she has. Well done, Zoe.

The activities included cutting, drawing, twisting, and pasting. Some ways to polish our fine motor skills and also very sensory and tactile.

This is also a happy/sad day for us in Aqua. One special Aqua child is leaving us today. Ivana! Ivana, we wish you and your family all the best wherever you go. We truly appreciate the time you spent with us. We sure learned a lot with each other. Thank you for everything.

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