Welcome back to another week at Aqua. Today the children from Nursery joined us again for the morning to explore and settle into the daily routine at Aqua. They are been very brave as it is a big step for them all. Good job Nursery children.

Also to our own big Aqua children transition to Crimson, they are also settling well and seems very happy exploring the area.

Outside we started the morning in the sandpit, we made cakes together as it was Lily’s birthday yesterday and there was a lot of talk about her cake. Happy Birthday Lily! A big 3 now she told us.

Harvey O had some time to himself ready a story, some of the children enjoyed the mommy duck and baby ducks. Lily sang the song as she played with billy at the duck pond. Beatrice enjoyed playdough with Louise and Edward. Elise and Georgia really enjoy the kitchen area. James and Ivaan enjoyed being builders and played together with the cars and garage.

At learning centre time some children started to make an Australian flag with Donna. We used blue and red and stamped the star on and some red lines. The children counted the stars with Donna as they made the mark on the paper. With Alejandra some of the children used fine motor skills and stuck stickers to their circle.

What a fun exciting Monday at Aqua!!!!

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