We started our morning with making blue playdough with Rosanna. We worked on our measuring skills as we did this! We were excited to use it throughout the day and make new creations.

During the transition today, we played a game using the soccer ball to find similarities between all of our new peers. We would roll the ball to people who had said they liked the same ice cream, super hero, animal etc. This helps to build our sense of self as well as finding similar likes between our peers!

After having such interest in volcanoes, we made our own individual volcano craft this morning. We displayed our patience as we completed this multiple step project.

We also enjoyed doing some counting. We used different items to count, add, and subtract!

As always, we enjoyed our time in the sandpit, playing in the yard, and taking care of the chickens and guinea pigs!

Today, we had a wonderful time Excursion visiting the Aquarium! We were very impressed with all the sea creatures we saw, especially going through the underwater tube!



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