Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in Emerald!

This week we are focusing on all things Australian! With Australia day coming soon at the end of the month, the children in Emerald will have the opportunity to learn more about Australian culture, animals and Aboriginal culture through lots of different activities!

This morning we started with … group time of course! We read our favourite books as well as books about Australian animals and Aboriginal culture.

Then came yoga, where we practiced our gross motor skills through yoga poses that enhance balance and coordination! Today we jump, jump, jumped like kangaroos!

We’ve done some beautiful craft today! We hand painted the Australian flag and we made some cute little koala bears with grey paint and fluffy cotton wool ears! They look fantastic and we had so much fun using our fine motor skills and exploring the paint!

We decorated some sticks to make aboriginal tapping sticks for our musical instrument corner!

The children have had the best time exploring today! We played in the sand, with the trains and the sea animals!

And everyone is loving their transition into Aqua! Today they even stayed for lunch 🙂

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