Aqua Daily Diary 14th January 2020

Happy Tuesday everyone!! This morning Grace and Eliza kicked off their morning with some drawings, they demonstrated tripod grasp and explored their creativity skills. Julyanna and Arda were outside drawing with chalks on the black paper. Using different medium helps children to expand their creativity and cognitive skills.

Lily and Adeline were busy cooking dinner at the sandpit, while Oliver, Zachary and Ivaan were busy exploring the new setup for the trucks. Oscar W demonstrated his balancing skills on the stepping blocks. Holly enjoyed reading book about ‘family’ and she talked about her brother. Inside Zachary and Oliver were playing guitar to the music, well done boys.

As we all know it is transitioning time and the children from Emerald joined us again at morning group time and making the most of their time in Aqua. We read some books from NZ at the group time, they are settling well into the Aqua’s routine. After the group time they participated in different activities followed by their interests.

Our big children going to Crimson, they are feeling proud and happy to explore the new space and being with bigger children. Well done all the children!!

What a fun exciting Tuesday at Aqua!!!!

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