It’s Tuesday! And welcome back to another busy day in the Emerald room! Today we continued to learn about Australian and Aboriginal culture through books and craft!

This morning we had some lovely group times, reading, singing and playing together! Then we started our yoga session. Today we practiced jumping like kangaroos and being tall trees like you’d find in the bush! We had so much fun exercising with big gross motor movements and really enhancing our physical development!

Today the children got to work gluing and sticking the Aboriginal flag. We also spent some time reading a book about bush trails and copying the markings in the sand with our fingers. These activities are great for fine motor skills but also help to develop knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Today we have enjoyed playing outside, playing with playdough and being cheeky little monkeys!

Today the children transitioning to Aqua had a fabulous time! They enjoyed exploring more and getting to know their educators. Today they stayed for lunch and sleep time!

Well done everyone! 🙂

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