It’s Wednesday! We’re half way there! Today was very exciting and full of fun activities 🙂

We started our day with group time, where we read stories about Aboriginal culture and Australian animals! The children know that yoga always comes after group time and are always very helpful at collecting the yoga mats and setting up for the session. Today, Liza was our yoga teacher and everyone had a fantastic time warming up their bodies with gross motor movements for the day ahead!

We’ve also done some dancing … it’s one of our favourite things to do!

Today we did lots of fun activities! We painted an Aboriginal themed snake with sticks and we decorated a paper plate to look like the Harbour Bridge! These activities were lots of fun for the children and also enhanced fine motor skills through holding different tools, like sticks and pens! We’ve been learning a lot about Australia this week.

We’ve also been doing a bit of baking today! The children were invited to make Lamingtons, a traditional Australian cake … The children had a lot of fun mixing the chocolate and dipping the cake into it and then into the coconut!

Yum 🙂 We couldn’t wait to try them for afternoon tea!

Delicious! Today we have enjoyed exploring outside, driving the cars, playing with the musical instruments and reading lots of stories!

And who could forget ALL the fun the children are having in Aqua!


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