Aqua Daily Diary 15th January 2020


Its been a busy day in the Aqua room, with our new nursery children transitioning and exploring their new environment. This is a great opportunity for the older Aqua children to help the younger children modelling play and routine experiences. Our older Aqua children are also doing well in their new environment Crimson, meeting new peers and loving the large play area.


This morning some of the children continued to explore the sea animals in the water tray, feeding them seaweed in the form of leaves and splashing around. Arda connected the shape magnets to make a very tall car. Julyanna and Edward practised their pencil and scissor grip this morning, and Julyanna gave her cuttings for Edward to stick on his paper.  Charlotte and Levi built with the large blocks, Charlotte making a path and then showing us how you can walk on it. The Nursey children also joined their peers on the mat for group time with Donna.

In the Crimson space our transitioning children were introduced to the Luna New Year which is on the 25th January. They used strips of plastic and pom poms for food, and tongs to pick them up and place them in their bowls. Lachlan C made rice and pom poms, Zoe, Eleanor, Veronique and Oliver made spaghetti, Dhwani noddles and Finn K and Julyanna made won-tons. This experience fosters their fine motor skills building muscles and encourages language development.

Boats and shells at the large sand tray were a popular choice by some of our children with Teos adding shells to his boats, to make fire boats. Max made rocks boats, Euan and Freddy moved the boats and shells around the tray creating their own play. Max placed the conch shell to his ear listening to the sea, then sharing ‘it is fun, did you hear people’? Euan replied ‘yes’. They all engaged with this experience for a sustain period of time. Oliver and Zachary used the smaller sand trays with diggers, gems and boxes. Dhwani and Maddison created patterns with the stones and shells in the sand too.

Dhwani, Max and Euan also used the easel painting with crayons and using dye to paint over the top.

Zachary, Lachlan, Euan and Max all built with the lazy-maxi today. Maddison, Eva, Zoe and Lachlan all created flowers sharing their likes or dislikes.

‘Play is the answer to how anything new comes about’ – Jean Piaget

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