Thursday is here! It’s been lovely and cool with some rain 🙂 We’ve loved being outside today!

This morning we had more fantastic group times where the children were all engaged and listening to their favourite stories and singing along to songs! We’ve been reading Aboriginal stories this week as well, introducing the children to Aboriginal history and culture.

Yoga was lots of fun this morning! The children love sessions with Liza, they jumped like kangaroos and stretched their bodies up high, enhancing their gross motor skills and physical development. Great job everyone!

Continuing with our Australia Day celebrations, today we made some beautiful arts and crafts! The children really enjoyed using their fingers to dot paint onto a boomerang shape … and they loved dipping the spikey ball into paint and onto paper to create a spikey echidna! Such fun and exciting sensory activities!

We kept on with our ‘sensory’ theme today and explored a sensory tray filled with coloured sand and toy snakes!

The children always have lots of fun exploring Emerald … Today the children enjoyed the sand pit, musical instruments and building tall towers!

And how could we forget the big boys and girls transitioning to Aqua? Another successful day! 🙂

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