Aqua Daily Diary – Friday 17th January 2020


Welcome to another beautiful day in Aqua!

Today was a beautiful rainy day!! We spent some time talking about how good the rain is, especially with the bushfires going on. Thank you for the rain!

It is absolutely amazing how children were engaged in the activities today. We were able to do some gross motor activities with touching the pink pancakes with a specific body part, and dancing. Not to mention the good old play dough making. Children loved to polish their fine motor skills helping make it!

Stacie’s surprise box was still a success. Some children just loved to listen to the books “wonky donkey” and “my daddy ate an apple”

As usual, children were able to explore the room to its fullest.

Good job, Aqua children. You are all amazing!

When it come to the transitioning children, they were able to cope with the new room, new routine and new educators. It was a huge step towards growing up.


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