Happy Monday and welcome back for a new week at Aqua. The children continue to transition into their new classes, week 3 and the children already are already settling very well. They are now eating lunch and sleeping in their new space. Well done for been so brave everybody.

Inside the children explored lots of different activities, Arda and Oscar had fun chatting together while Oscar bought a plate and spoon, he pretended to pay Arda the money for them. ‘’Pretend play is a great way to encourage imagination and creativity. It supports social and emotional development. Laura, Grace and Eliza laughed with each other as Grace made breakfast in the kitchen.

Isabelle, Archie and Owen enjoy puzzle time at the table, they used their fine motor skills and placed each piece into it’s correct place. Their cognitive skills were displayed as they remembered where the pieces went. A group of our older children also displayed their cognitive skills when playing the matching game, they had to remember were the matching animal was.

For learning centre time the children went into group and explored lots of activities related to Australia Day. Some children did lovely painting using the colours red and blue to represent the Australia flag. Using fine motor skills they stamped with red and blue paint recognizing the colours as we spoke about them. They also explored the Australian bugs with gumtree leaves. They really enjoyed these activities.

Lots of lovely stories were had using many props with Silver the children sang songs. And with Tima the children read a book called ‘’Hokey Pokey’’. It was about the Austrilian animals doing the Hokey Pokey.

Their was also a cooking class happening with Julie as the children made a Chinese dish with her.

What a fun day we had at Aqua.

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