Happy Monday and welcome back to another week in Emerald! We’ve been busy today learning all about the Chinese New Year!

During group time this morning we read our favourite stories, sang lots of songs and talked all about celebrating the Chinese New Year coming up.

Our yoga session was so much fun! The children were excited to get started and collected their own mats before sitting down to take their shoes and socks off. Everyone was eager to show off their downward dog pose that we’ve been practicing! Yoga is a wonderful way to encourage gross motor movements to enhance physical development, balance and coordination!

We’ve made some beautiful lanterns today! The children were invited to decorate their paper with a sponge and paint … later we transformed them into lanterns! The sponge was very rough to touch and the children spent some time feeling it with their fingers!

We’ve also explored outside today, playing with sand and water, building towers with blocks and constructing a train track! So much fun!

The children moving up to Aqua are doing so well with their transition! They’re settling in so well 🙂

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